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In 2017, Guangzhou shunzhongxie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shunzhongxie") was officially established as a domestic manufacturer of environmental protection adhesive waste collection system equipment.

The SZX series, which is first launched by shunzhongxie, includes three models: szx108, szx208 and szx308. It can classify, crush and pack the surplus trimming waste and mesh waste materials generated by the label raw material slitting machine, printing factory finished product slitting machine, flexo printing machine and die cutting machine. Through a series of treatment, such as classification, crushing and packing, the production workshop can be kept clean and tidy, the recovery rate of waste materials can be improved, and the phenomenon of scattered, disordered and polluted industrial wastes can be avoided, and the hidden fire hazards for enterprises can be eliminated. At present, the equipment has obtained a number of domestic patent certification.

In order to improve the effective utilization of label waste, shunzhong association has also set up a large warehouse for recycling base paper and fabric while launching the self-adhesive waste collection system equipment. The paper plastic separation, paper glue separation and other processes are adopted to recycle the waste.

Shunzhong association is committed to solving the problem of waste collection in the adhesive industry and striving to build a domestic brand of automatic collection and treatment of label waste.


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